Friday, October 25, 2013

Preface to happiness

Imagine winning the $1 billion Powerball lottery, or being elected president, or coming up with an online social networking site as successful as Facebook. You become very wealthy, admired, achieve fame and glory—all of this in less than 24 hours. Now take all that happiness and multiply it by every day of your life. Start getting that feeling, regardless if you have won the lottery, or became president, or achieved all that fortune and glory. Let’s face it—happiness is a feeling but can also be considered as a choice, right? By harvesting that feeling of happiness will get you a step closer to being happy. It’s not what you wish for in terms of financial freedom or anything else. It starts with enjoying what you already have. That feeling can be enhanced by thinking you’ve already reached what you always dreamed of, but then again, you need to get back to basics and reach deep down inside and master this feeling. By doing so, you will be more motivated; achieve more goals; and develop charisma. You will be a better boss, employee, parent, and friend. You will also acquire more direction in life, be more patient, have more enthusiasm, and feel inner passion for everything you do. People love being around happy people, so be the one who’s happy. People are drawn to those who have mastered happiness, and being positive is what people are seeking on a day-to-day basis. Happy people are blessed with good things. They have a strong feeling of being happy, and let the universe do the rest. Speak what you are seeking, and share what you have received. This is the first step to reaching happiness. For anything you want out of life, you first need to be conscious of what you want. So, to get the most pleasure out of life, you first need to wake up. Many people go through life without really understanding their purpose. The key is awareness. It might be a simple concept for some, but you would be surprised at how many do not really understand it. You might say, “It’s too simple, it can’t be that easy. There’s a catch.” Well, no, there is no catch, since happiness comes from within. You can decide your happiness; you can decide how happy you want to be, regardless of what is going on around you. To live life to its fullest, think about what part of your life needs changing to reach that level of happiness. We all have our demons within, and want to face them and eradicate them to live life peacefully. To face these demons, start by changing a few things that will bring more joy to your daily life. Imagine happiness is like cooking or baking. The first try at a recipe might be a failure. But you do it again to find out what went wrong—does it need more or less sugar, salt, or other ingredients? You seek in mastering this recipe to get the best result possible. You try again and again until you perfect the recipe. There is no stopping you because your goal is very clear—the perfect recipe. Happiness is almost the same. You need to dig deep to find out what really makes you smile, makes you wake up in the morning with joy, ready to tackle anything that comes along and still keep positive. There is no secret formula that someone created. You are the creator of your own happiness. You tweak your own recipe of happiness. You change a few things in your life so you can get everything you ever wished for. There are no secrets here, there is no magic recipe, and there are no miracles. Learn who you are as a person, learn how to appreciate the little things that can bring you joy daily. Learn all this, and you will be a step closer to everything you always wished for in life, and ultimately reach every goal, every objective, every dream. To understand happiness, you need to look for its origin. Did happiness start like when Adam and Eve did in the Garden of Eden? What's its origination? When did it all start? There is 7.1 billion human beings on this planet searching for the same thing: happiness. We all seem to pursue it as though it is a necessity—such as water, air, and food. People find happiness in food, clothing, relationships, success, money, spiritual experiences. We hope to find these needs met to attain this ultimate goal called happiness. In order to meet these goals, we all need to realize that happiness is also a choice. It is not something that happens because the Universe is aligned a certain way, or the Milky Way is angled to create a shadow of any shape or form. Happiness doesn’t come from external factors—from money or a new partner. It is within you. Your happiness doesn’t depend on others’ moods. You may be around people who frustrate the hell out of you, who make you so angry that you end the relationship, but they can’t decide if you are happy or miserable. There are infinite reasons for a certain person coming into your life. It can be to help you build your own interpersonal skills that will propel you into something better in your future. We all wonder sometimes: “What did I do to deserve this?” or “Why is this person treating me like that?” There is a reason for everything. The question is: Is your happiness dependent on these external factors? Developing that inner feeling of happiness depends on only one person: you. No one else has a direct link to your happiness. It is determined by your state of mind. Choose to be positive, upbeat, to stay in front of those with a negative attitude and poor behavior, and don’t let them ruin your joyful outlook on life. It is like battling Satan—it might be a difficult fight, but you need to be the one coming out a winner. That builds your personality and attitude toward life.